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Christmas markets 


Dear visitors,

Due to the inclement weather forecast we are afraid we have to cancel the cultural program on stage at the Old Town square. We expect to resume the daily program on 2.12.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Old Town Square 26. 11. 2016 - 6. 1. 2017, (10:00 - 22:00)
  • Wenceslas Square 26. 11. 2016 - 6. 1. 2017, (10:00 - 22:00)
  • Republic's Square 26.11. 2016 - 30. 12. 2016, (10:00 - 22:00)
We cordially invite YOU to the Christmas meeting with your favorite faces from the television.
The program on the stage will be changed by the Projection of the best bedtime stories at 16:00. At 17:30 you can watch a live broadcast of the Advent concert in Prague Loretto.

NEWS 2016!
The conceptual visual solution of the project, including the decorations and accompanying installations, is done in a pure traditional, natural style, with a strong emphasis on traditional and natural elements (natural materials, gingerbreads, sweets, traditional decorations (bells, gifts, decorations ...)). The character of the decorations creates a pleasant and positive Christmas atmosphere in the whole area of the marketplace. The overall composition and design of decorations also takes account of the main elements of the spatial area (Jan Hus memorial, "spatial concept" of the Christmas tree, multifunctional big stage ...)
The cultural program of the Christmas Markets (as well as all subprojects) will be based on the festive traditions (Christmas carols, dances, theater performances, concerts, solo and choral singing, etc.). The program will take place every day and both professionals and amateurs, or clubs and associations will be part of it. The main goal is such a diversity of the cultural program content, that everyone finds something he likes - from children to senior citizens, visitors, both domestic and foreign. The production team will assist the performers for whom all the comfort will be provided.
- a completely new concept of multi-functional large stage approach
- combined function (classical stage - open cafe - children workshop area)
- installation of a forstage for interactive forms of activities and presentations
- audiovisual projection - the CHRISTMAS CINEMA project
- on-line and off-line projection (Advent concerts, movies, fairy tales …)
Charitable projects, organizations and sheltered workshops will be provided with a space for presentation. This way they can not only present their programs and activities, but they receive the possibility of a space to sell their products, free of charge, of course. Profit, including funds collected into boxes deployed in the markets areas, is of course transferred to the relevant organizations.


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Today's program 5. December 2016

16.00 - 18.00 Saint Nicholas presents "Traditional Czech Christmas" - a show for the whole family CZ
18.15 - 19.00 Anděl Páně 2 – meeting with the director of the movie Jiri Strach, as well as with the actors, autographs

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