About company TAIKO, a.s.

The company Taiko, a.s. was incorporated in 2004. The main scope of its business is event planning and management, preparing and organizing of social events, fairs and shows, on-site production for broadcasting sports events, arranging official sports fan zones and organizing grand-scale markets in Prague's central areas – Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and Republic Square.

The organization, arrangement and fully scoped operational coverage of events is always rendered at a high professional level with proven quality which is continuously confirmed through extraordinary interest shown by the public and through ratings recurring at front positions in rankings held by prestigious world media.

In 2015, readers of USA Today voted Christmas Markets in Prague as the top Christmas destination in the world. Last year, CNN TV ranked Prague and its Christmas Markets at Old Town Square among the TOP 10 Best Christmas Destinations. This year, we are endeavouring to reach for high rates in the ranking announced by the weekly US News & Travel World.