In order to save your time with searching, we have prepared an official set of photos from last Christmas markets in Old Town Square in Prague for you. At the same time, we invite you to use exclusively these photos. You can download image materials, including e-banners and new logo, from this  VISUAL KIT.

Current photos from this year's decoration will be published as soon as possible (after the markets start).



We wish to wholeheartedly welcome you to the annual Prague Christmas Markets at the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and Republic Square. The unique atmosphere, magical decorations and rich assortment of products are why these markets have continuously been ranked as among the best Christmas markets in the world. The Prague Christmas Markets, which are to be held in the historical centre of Prague, will take place from 1.12.2018 until 6.1.2019. As part of the Christmas Markets (at the Old Town Square) there will also be a thematically rich cultural program comprised of an array of live classic musical and dance performances.

For details about the program and news regarding the project please visit www.trhypraha.cz or our FB profile Facebook.com/PragueMarkets.