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Help us to find a tree for Christmas 2021 at Old Town Square, win a price and a good feeling!

We gladly welcome your tips and suggestions for a suitable tree for Christmas Markets 2021


You do not bear any costs, we will provide everything:
contact the owner, dendrological survey, tree felling, heavy equipment - crane and tractor with a trailer, the actual transport of the tree to the site, its installation, lighting and decoration, including subsequent
disposal of the tree.
We look forward to your tips!

About the project

You don't have to be the owner of a tree or land, you don't even have to know the owner. Just send photos of the tree and the locality, including a description of the place, and we will arrange everything else. If a tree recommended by you is selected and placed on the Old Town Square, you will receive a reward of CZK 10,000.

Criteria for selecting a suitable tree:

  • Representative appearance = Norway spruce (Picea abies), at least 20 meters high, visually healthy, regularly branched, undamaged
  • Accessibility of the tree = access of heavy equipment (crane and tractor with trailer) on a paved road, enough handling space for felling and loading the tree
  • tree health condition = satisfactory dendrological assessment

Indicative time schedule of the project:

1st June 2021 start of the competition
till 1st October 2021 sending tips for the Christmas tree
1st November 2021 results announcement
21st November 2021 felling of the Christmas tree
21st - 22nd November 2021 tree transport
22nd - 23rd November 2021 tree installation
27th November 2021 festive lighting of the Christmas tree



Send your tips to:

Petr Hozák, mobile phone: +420 602 763 749, email: petr.hozak@taiko.cz

Photos of Christmas Trees